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Responsibility, terms and General conditions:

Flights and routes:

Flights are performed by airlines and their implementation is subject to the terms and conditions published by the airlines. Flight times and tracks are the sole responsibility of the airline and changes in flight times may occur at times even without prior notice. In these cases, the customer will be offered an alternative flight. If the change will involve an extra cost the supplement will be paid by the client. In cases of overbooking of the flight by the airline, and since Ideal tours has no control on this a single passenger may be flying on a different flight Ideal Tours will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience of the passengers. Ideal Tours will not be responsible for damages caused to the passenger as a result of any change of route or schedule of the flights. Loss of one hotel night or any other loss caused as a result of the changes of flights will not be refunded by (the) Ideal Tours, as well as extra night charges and any additional expenses to the client incurred due to the changes will not be compensated by the company. Changes in flight price as well as any other surcharges will change the package price accordingly. It is the passengers responsibility to verify the schedule of the flights and the route as well as the actual booking details so as correct spelling of the names upon receiving the flight tickets.

Sport baggage

The airlines are entitled and may actually charge an extra charge for sport baggage and for food and drinks served on the flight according to the airlines policy. The rates for these extra services are set by the airlines and are not included in the ticket fare. The rules for transporting sport equipment and the costs may change without prior notice. It is the passengers duty to check the airlines policy directly with the airline close to the time of the flight. meals Kosher meal / vegetarian meal / other requests concerning the flight conditions itself, constitute of request only and Ideal Tours will not be responsible if not satisfied by the airline, as requested.

Force Major

Ideal Tours is not responsible towards the passengers in case of cancellation/ change in vacation plan that is caused directly or indirectly by force majeure, strikes, blockade, riots, fire, flood, weather, civil disobedience, war, military operations, diseases, all kinds of epidemic,  boycotts, arrests, program malfunctions or other causes of force major beyond the control of Ideal Tours whether expected and / or unexpected. However, in such cases the company will assist passengers as possible under the circumstances.

Damages and insurance

It is the passengers responsibility to get travel insurance at his own expense. Ideal Tours offers travelers travel insurance including medical and baggage insurance according to the needs and desires. Note that the insurance does not cover all cases of cancellation and / any other event, including an accident, security and / any damage caused. The passenger should read carefully the terms of their insurance policy. Ideal Tours is not liable for damages caused to passenger, cargo or any direct or indirect damages resulting from accidents, illness, damage by the passenger  including violence, robbery, theft, loss of baggage, documents, tickets and more. There is no insurance on skipass / equipment in cases when these are included in the package deal but the client can purchase insurance for these at the skipass office / ski rental place.

Foreign currency exchange rate

Ski package prices as quoted In the brochure are based on the currency used in the country where the ski package is taking place. The rate for payment will be occording the the high exchange rate for check drafts / wire transfers as quoted on the day of payment. For the unpaid sums in respect of ski package reserved the client will bear any change in the exchange rate or the foreign exchange crosses, or the ski components mentioned above, including a changes in fuel taxes. Ideal Tours reserves it's rights to change prices due to changes in air fare and / or ground services in the ski resorts, even in case of partial or full payment for ski packages.

Payment and cancellation

Upon reservation a deposit of 400 euro per person should be paid.
The remaining balance must be paid up to 21 days before departure.
Failure to pay up the balance on the quoted date implies cancellation of the reservation by the client and will be subject to the cancellation fee as specified below. Notice of cancellation will only be valid after sent in writing (fax or e-mail to Goski@idealtours.co.il) to Ideal Tours office in Jerusalem, including the reason of cancellation. Cancellation date will be determined by the date of receipt of the fax or email the office. We emphasize that the cancellation will take effect only after the client has received approval from Ideal Tours for receiving the cancellation notice. Cancellations that came into effect will be charged the following cancellation fee:
Up to 30 days before departure - the down payment wont be refunded unless the sky closes and all flights will be canceled - the down payment will be refunded except 100  euros per person handling fee   
From 30 days to 15 days prior to departure - 40% of the package
From 14 days to 8 days prior to departure - 70% of Package
From 7 days before departure - 100% of the package


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